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Overcoming Adversity: Lessons on How to Stay Positive; +BONUS: My 3 Steps on How to Stop Re-Living Your Traumatic Memories and Start Living Your Life!

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About this talk

What can we learn from stories of Overcoming Adversity? Turns out, A LOT!

Kathy De La Torre, the host of The Inspire Cafe Podcast, has interviewed close to 100 people on her show. Her guests come from around the world and all walks of life. Their stories include a variety of topics, such as addiction, anxiety, bullying, depression, physical or emotional abuse, weight issues, shame, grief, loss, illness, physical disabilities, invisible disabilities, money issues, homelessness, guilt, suicidal thoughts, physical injuries, and incarceration.

Most importantly, all of them are Success Stories. In their interviews, they all shared how they managed to overcome their challenges and transform their perspectives into positive outcomes.

And after having interviewed dozens of amazing people, Kathy has been able to connect the dots, discover their commonalities and create a list of their:

• Top 4 Strategies to Overcoming Adversity; and

• Top 6 Tips on Daily Practices to Stay Positive

The second part of Kathy's presentation includes her 3 Steps on How to Stop Re-Living Your Traumatic Memories and Start Living Your Life!

Have you ever...

• Had a recurring or distressing memory that seems to pop out of nowhere and upsets you?

• Been easily irritated, angered or upset by something you either heard someone benignly say or do?

• Been overly critical of yourself and suffer from self-blame and/or negative self-talk?

If you've answered Yes to any of those questions, then this bonus session just may be helpful for you, too!

Kathy has her own story of overcoming adversity--she was a victim of domestic abuse and suffered from PTSD for many years. She has since learned how to heal from her trauma using her insights.

In this Talk, she'll cover her 3-step process that may help you...

• Learn how to distinguish between "historical memories" versus "emotional memories"

• Create enough mental space to stop being "emotionally reactive" to circumstances and situations, and

• Learn how to stop living in the past, open your heart to the beauty that surrounds us in the present and all that life has to offer.

• And, yes, gaining back your life again!

This presentation is jammed-packed with information, and so it's highly recommended to take notes.

Hope to see you all there!

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Kathy De La Torre

Podcaster | Entrepreneur | Professional Photographer | Former Photojournalist | Inspirational Seeker

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