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Kathy De La Torre

Kathy De La Torre

Podcaster | Entrepreneur | Professional Photographer | Former Photojournalist | Inspirational Seeker

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Kathy De La Torre is the founder and host of The Inspire Café, a weekly podcast where she interviews people from around the globe and all walks of life who share their inspirational stories of overcoming adversity yet somehow were able to come out of it with a positive outcome. These incredible stories are not only about resiliency but of people willing to share their experiences in order to help others. A domestic abuse survivor and a former photojournalist for a daily newspaper, Kathy focused and honed in on her search for positive news stories in the community rather than cover bad news. Although she no longer works for a news organization, that desire to share good news still drives her. That's why she decided to create The Inspire Café Podcast. Now, Kathy's mission is to create a source of "positive ripple-effects." If one stone cast into a lake can cause a small wave to reach the shore, then one voice can also inspire others to be in a more positive mindset.

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