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Do it YOUR Way - The Autistic Biz Plan

A talk by Faith Clarke
Intuitive Strategist and Performance Coach, Melody of Autism

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About this talk

If you're mom to a child with a developmental disability or chronic illness, some days, you probably wonder if you can hold it all together. It can feel like everything is dragging you in multiple directions and you are tired of feeling tired. 

You know what to do to be more successful in your business or side-hustle, if you could just have the time to think your thoughts in a straight line without  • tantrums, • therapists calling out, • issues at school and  • worries about your kid's increased aggression. 

The constant stress affects so much, and you've started to worry about your health and your personal relationships.

That's where I found myself. 

After years of stressful trial and error, I realized that I could learn from other people who were successful in high stress situations. And I started to study: performers, therapists, parents, research articles, athletes, first responders, ... 

I found an eclectic mixture of strategies, extracted the main principles and fine-tuned these strategies for mamas in business like me and you! 

Using these strategies, I’ve formulated The Autastic Biz Plan, the core heuristic building a sustainable, high impact business that fits the crazy rhythm of special needs parenting life. This mini-series will review the main components of nourishing your business, without burnout. After applying the principles in this mini-series, you will have a plan to: • Describe your ONE thing that creates energy for you •  Create a holistic biz-life strategy that is based on your ONE thing done in your ONE way •  Turn your weakness and self-doubt into marketing fuel •  Deal with life drama without giving up on your dreams

The Autastic Biz Plan will help you grow a high impact business that you LOVE that fits the crazy rhythm of your life and increases your energy for your special parenting journey.

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Faith Clarke

BS, MS Computer Science Performance Psychology - Startup Team Effectiveness, ABD

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